Distribution Containers

One of the major problem of the manufacturing concerns, around the World, is the movement and the distribution of the manufactured products among the wholesalers, the retailers and ultimate end user. You can use these storage boxes with lids as distribution containers to distribute anything, from the liquids to the packed small boxes. The one typical example is the distribution of the soft drink bottles to the retailers. The container is made with the dividers where the soft drink bottles are placed. Whole the containers with many bottles in them are distributed to the retailer. Retailer collects the used bottles and places them back inside the container which is delivered back to the suppliers of the product. Their specific ability to stack upon other such boxes in a very small and compact space make them unique for the distribution.

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At the rackinguk.uk, you can have your required distribution containers with many designs, sizes, shapes and capacities. These can be used to serve not only in the small shopping outlets but also can serve the distribution purposes of the large manufacturing concerns. The deal and the quality, go side by side at our place. 

  • Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made

    Solid Stackable Eurocontainers Light Grey Polypropylene Made
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