Mobile Containers

When you have to move something which is liquid in nature or the such goods which are required to be moved from one place of the premises to the other or to the place out of the premises, the mobile containers are required. These containers are in high demand in the industries, factories, workshops, garages, fuel services companies, food shops, liquid supplies, shopping malls, waste management, chemical companies, and the other establishments and organizations like these. As these containers are good for the movement of the liquids, the they are a prime and hot selling product.

As they are, typically, made with the air tight lid on them or even without lid, and with the wheel below them, they are ideal for the industries. For the heavy duty industrial movement, the mobile storage containers are made with blue steel sheet and strong wheels. But for the movement of the liquids, either the rust and decay proof steel or the extra high quality steel are the best solution to avoid damage to the products. For the chemicals and acids, the super tough fiberglass is applied to make the containers. The food containers are made with food grade plastic or the fiberglass which need to be made with FDA approved quality and chemical composition.

We have uploaded the offers to suit mobile storage solutions at to sell all types of the mobile containers and trucks. These are named as; trucks due to their huge and big size. They are made with food grade polyethylene plastic which is graded as the best for the food products as they are non-injurious to the health. With blue or red in color, these can be excellently applied for the chemicals as well.  

  • High Quality Mobile Storage Truck Food Grade Polyethylene Material

    High Quality Mobile Storage Truck Food Grade Polyethylene Material
    Price: £148.35 (Excl. VAT)