Garage racking is the fixture without it is not possible to imagine the success, productivity and the best serve to the clientele. Racking for garage makes this possible to place supplies, small & big spare parts, finished products, repaired parts, tools, working kits and other working equipment which is used in day to day jobs. In addition to the racking systems for garage and workshops, the racking is also applied, vastly, in the factories, assembly plants, manufacturing units, ware houses, cold storage, commercial enterprises, the retail & small shops, shopping malls, offices and even in the homes. In the homes, garage storage racks are used to place supplies and gadgets of general nature in the stores.

Rackinguk.uk offers different types and designs of the racking for sale which are made for the general manufacturing, repairing shops and the commercial entities. Generally, the heavy duty racking is made with the blue or black steel which can be galvanized if they are designed for the places other than the manufacturing and repairing premises. Galvanized racking is a must for the moist and wet environment like the cold storages. For the domestic and residential applications, the racking can be painted. Some of the racking are made with pure steel, i.e. its frame and the shelves, all are made with steel but for the soft working conditions, the shelfs for the racking can be made with the chipboard or wood.

The racking is the normally made with the boltless design and the drawing are shipped with them to you to explain the detailed and illustrated assembling and erection yourself, without the additional expense of the expert to work with their assembly.

To comply with the global and industry-wide customer service standards, the minimum time to dispatch the ordered product to your destination within the United Kingdom is set to be 24 hours.