Vertical Storage Racks

Vertical storage racking is one such rack which can be used to place the products from the above in vertical form. This are made to serve the specific type of the storage of products from the above of the rack. Vertical sheet metal storage racks are specially designed to store metal sheets, the chipboard sheets, the cardboard sheets, the wooden sheets and the other sheets like these.

The vertical sheet storage rack, offered by, is made with the blue or black steel. The fact that made this rack a popular type of product its specific design which is boltless in nature. The boltless rack can be erected and assembled in few minutes by you without the help of the skilled worker. The detailed drawings, illustrated images and instructions are shipped to you along with the ordered rack for the purpose. If you want the details of the rack even before the purchase is made, you may see them on our site.

The high quality vertical storage racks are suitable for and are widely in use in the shopping malls for the construction materials, the shops where the steel, wood, chipboard or plastic sheets are available for sale, the warehouses where such sheets are stored. These racks can also be used for the storage of the vertical things, such as, the particular things The Vertical plate storage rack is particularly made for the very heavy duty and the industrial usage, the long ladders, pipes and other longer products for the home, commercial or the industrial usage.    

The ordered products are shipped to your mentioned address within the United Kingdom. The racks are dispatched within the 24 hours after the receipt of the confirmed order along with the payment.  

  • Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks

    Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks
    Price: £425.49 (Excl. VAT)